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========= iPhone NPI ==========
~ A Newton Package Installer for the iPhone
======= News bulletin =========
We need beta testers! Feel free to test this app and contact me about any bugs you find!
UPDATE: Maczydeco ( has tested this app and told me it works fine.
======== Description ==========
WARNING: This app is in early beta and may contain critical bugs. If you find any, please contact the developer.
This is a Newton Package Installer for jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
It is based on UnixNPI by Victor Rehorst.
It can be used for installing apps to your Newton while on the go!
======= Installation ==========
This app is in beta and requires some setup to work.
Step 1. Get the app itself. You may want to build it yourself or get it from DerivedData/iNPI/Build/Products/debug-iphoneos.
Step 2. Install the app. Put the file into /Applications on your iPhone using SSH. Then do these commands over SSH, while logged in as user mobile:
cd /Applications/
chmod 755 *
If you don't have SSH on your iPhone, go to Cydia and install OpenSSH.
If you get a 'command not found' error when doing the uicache command, install UIKitTools from Cydia.
Step 3. Upload packages
Using SSH, create a new folder /var/NPI and fill it with packages.
Step 4. Make the serial cable.
Get info on the serial cable on the NamedFork site:
Step 5. Done!
Now you can install packages onto your Newt from your iPhone!
=========== Usage ==========
Step 1. Connect the serial cable to the Newton, then to the iPhone.
Step 2. Open 'Dock' app on the Newton, select 'Serial' but don't connect yet.
Step 3. Tap on a package file you want to install, then in the menu that appears select Install.
Step 4. When the iPhone looks like it's hanged, hit Connect on your Newton. Package should start installing.
Step 5. When the package is installed, iPhone will display the 'Done' message.
========== TODO's ============
// + = Feature;
// ! = minor bug
// !! = major bug
// !!! = critical bug
// U+ = UI improvement
// U! = UI bug
// R! = bug that appears randomly
+ Add an option to download packages from
!!!/U! Fix a bug when selecting from the list a second time crashes the app.