SLR parser / parser generator written in C++.
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This is a simple parser generator written in C++ without any external libraries. It's a toy project - the features are readability, small codebase, and debug output at any stage of parser generation.

Current state

  • The "lexer" is a trivial character-matcher without regex support.
  • The project assumes working grammar without shift-reduce or reduce-reduce conflicts. It will also not work with grammars with EPSILON.
  • It uses SLR(1) logic at the moment. The comments explain how to modify it to be LR(0) or LR(1)
  • This project is meant for learning, as opposed to using it in production.
  • Only tested with Visual Studio 2015.

Coming soon, maybe

  • A fancier lexer with user-defined token data structures
  • LR(0) and LR(1) parsing.