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Object Auto Documentation

Object Auto Documentation simply displays JavaScript Object methods in elegant way.

How to use Object Auto Documentation:

Just in the HTML file include the docJS.js style.css and the library you want to document.

Then call the Object that you want to document

example: docJS(SomeObjectName,"optional Object name")

That is all.

The styling is inspired from backbone.js documentation.

Works in: Firefox 4, Safari 5 and Chrome 5



Thanks to @brandonc for implementing syntax highlighting with google-prettify. Demo jQuery

Thanks to @Contra now you can display multiple objects. Demo

Basic object(method) profiling is added like number of lines, number of characters, number of arguments. The idea for object profiling is taken from kratko js

In the demos autoDocs-NoName.html is added that can take any external JS library dynamically and also any JavaScript Object can be added.