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A list of minimalist frameworks(simple and lightweight).
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List of minimalist frameworks

A list of minimalist frameworks(simple and lightweight). All in alphabetical order.

Framework for CSS

Name Minimum size(base) Repository License
Kube 8kb WTFPL
Pure 4.4kB BSD
Simple Grid 1.7kB
Toast 2.5kB

Web framework for Node.js

Name NPM Install Repository License
Express.js [sudo] npm install express MIT
Flatiron [sudo] npm install -g flatiron MIT
Hapi npm install hapi Unknown
koa [sudo] npm install koajs MIT
partial.js [sudo] npm install -g partial.js MIT

Web framework for Python

Name PIP Install Repository License
Bobo pip install bobo ZPL 2.1
Bottle [sudo] pip install bottle MIT
CherryPy pip install CherryPy BSD
Flask pip install Flask BSD
Pyramid pip install pyramid BSD-derived
itty-bitty pip install itty BSD [sudo] pip install Public domain
wheezy.web pip intall wheezy.web MIT

Web framework for Ruby

Name Gem Install Repository License
Padrino gem install padrino MIT
Sinatra gem install sinatra MIT
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