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SMART CSS GRID - Minimal CSS Framework

Smart CSS Grid is CSS GRID based fluid responsive layout system with 12 columns.

  • Minimal. It is only 0.5 KB.
  • Clear syntax.
  • No unnecessary nesting, meaning you will write less HTML.
  • Responsive.
  • Flexible the main width can be any number or uint ex: 960px, 90% or whatever you like.
  • Supports rows merging, nesting columns, column swapping..

The project is designed to adapt to any size or any column gap. You can change these values into the main CSS file. Example width: 85% and grid-gap: 20px; or width: 1200px and grid-gap: 14px;

Demo 1

Read more on my blog..

Download or Install

You can simply download the library or use:

$ npm i smart-css-grid

You can use PKG CDN:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="">


This project is licensed under the MIT License