CSS Float Based Layout System
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Solution for all the web designers who need to support the older browsers.

Floaty is 0,6 Kb(0,35 Kb gzip) CSS layout solution with basic responsive layout and will work even in the older browsers.

I made 5 CSS layout solutions based on Flex and CSS GRID (SMART CSS GRID, 60 GS, Flexy, Katana, Flex One) this year and most common question is: will it work in IE. The answers is: not always.

Floats were never meant to be used as layout solution but I think still 90% of all the web uses floats probably of the simplicity, fear of browser un-compatibility and web designers / developers need to learn more complex layout systems like Flex or CSS Grid.

With floats you can go left or right, anyone can learn that.

Flex and CSS Grid are first real layout solutions and if possible we should always push the web forward.

But if for some reason you still want to "go with the float", this solution may help you.


Just simply download the project or:

$ npm i floatycss
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/floatycss@1.0.0/floaty.css">

Demo: https://vladocar.github.io/floaty/


This project is licensed under the MIT License