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picoCSS - really small JavaScript Framework

picoCSS is small (0,35kb gzipped & compressed) JavaScript Library for basic CSS DOM manipulation optimized for webkit browsers(Safari, Chrome) also works in Firefox, Opera without the part of animation.

picoCSS dosen't aim to be complete JS framework just simple tool for simple needs.

Basically if only need to do simple CSS JavaScript manipulation for your next iPad, iPhone or Android app, picoCSS can help you.

With picoCSS you can:

The syntax looks like this:"#a").css("background-color : green; color: #fff;");

or"#b").animate('0.5', '1','360','1','1','1','1', '0','0');


If you open picoCSS.js file you will notice that the library is very easy to extend.

Feel free to do any kind of modification to the library.

Google Closure Compiler was used for compressing the JS file.


Also my blog post picoCSS - JavaScript Framework

You can use direct download or npm:

$ npm i @vladocar/picocss