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bdb2ce8 Feb 12, 2015
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Andrea Crotti - Code cleanup, enabled nose and tox
Bernhard Grotz - German localization
Jordi Bofill - Tinkerer internationalization, Spanish and Catalan localizations
Rod Morehead - Non-XML entity patch for HTML-to-XML conversion, other bug fixes
Yoshihisa Tanaka - Fixed problem caused by non-ascii content
Iñigo Serna - Sidebar widgets for categories, tags and tag cloud
Emil Oppeln-Bronikowski - Polish localization
Christian Jann - Configurable number of posts/page, "Read more" implementation, Dark theme and theme showcase for Tinkerer website, other enhancements and numerous bug fixes
Éric de la Musse - Localization bugfix, French localization
Antti Kaihola - Bugfix for "more" directive
Visa Kopu - Fix category links, XML declaration introduced in
Robert Zaremba - Added Responsive theme, HTML5 bolierplate upgrade
Pedro Romano - Simplified localization based on Babel distutils commands, Great Britain localization
Takayuki Shimizukawa - Japanese localization
Wakayama Shirou - Japanese localization, migration to GitHub
Artem Krylysov - Bug fixes, configurable "read more" for RSS
Gianluigi Cusimano - Italian localization
Nathan Yergler - Migration to GitHub
Raniere Silva - Brazilian Portuguese localization, fix "Blog Archive" localization
Civa Lin - Chinese (Traditional) localization, draft overwrite fix
Tolbkni Kao - Chinese (Simplified) localization
Zaur Nasibov - Russian localization
Sebastian Wiesner - Install argparse only when needed, use Babel to format dates
Sean Gillies - Configurable slug word separator
Tatsuo Ikeda - Bug fixes
Wes Turner - WAI-ARIA roles, HTML fixes
Doug Hellmann - Rewrite with PyQuery for improved robustness, --template flag, rss_max_items and enhanced tox config, code cleanup
Konstantin Molchanov - Updated Russian localization
Ferdinand Majerech - Slovak localization
David Boucha - Spelling fixes
Troels Brødsgaard - Update localization pot file, localize "Search" string
John McFarlane - Bug fixes
Karsten Schulz - Updated German localization