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Smart Submit

This is a plugin for Kirby that allows you to handle form submissions, without reloading the page. Honeypot spam protection is included.

Installing and using

Note that Smart Submit is not usual plugin - meaning there is nothing to put into plugins folder!

  • Put smart-submit.js whereever you like (f.e. in assets/js/).
  • Put smart-submit.php in site/templates/.
  • In your content folder, create folder smart-submit. Inside, create empty file smart-submit.txt (or whatever extension you use for content files, such as .md).
  • This folder - content/smart-submit/ - will also contain your submit handlers (php files). Read below for details.
  • In your HTML head, include jQuery (latest please) and smart-submit.js.


// site/snippets/header.php
echo js('//');
echo js('assets/js/smart-submit.js');
  • On your page (f.e. Contact Us), create a form. As fas as I understand Kirby, you can do is in either snippet or template. The following attributes are required for the form:

    • id="smart-submit"
    • action="<?= url('smart-submit') ?>?handler=do-something"

where do-something is the name of PHP handler script (described below), without .php.


<form id="smart-submit" class="YOUR_CLASS_FOR_FORMS" action="<?= url('smart-submit') ?>?handler=do-something">

And now, the most interesting part! For every smart-submit form, you will need to create PHP handler. Simple rules:

  • put it into content/smart-submit/.

  • Name it according to the "handler" parameter you provided in form "action". In the example above, it would be do-something.php.

  • If you skip "handler" in the form (action="<?= url('smart-submit') ?>"), the plugin will search for handler PHP script by the last folder name in your page URL. F.e. if your form is at, you should have contact.php.

  • Inside this script, do whatever you want! Validate input, send emails, hack server, conquer the world. However, when you're done, you must output valid JSON:

    • {"success":"Your success message"}
    • {"error":"Your error message"}
    • {"redirect":"/your/redirect/url"}

It's good idea to include header('Content-type: application/json'); in handler PHP file.

I also recommend that you define the following CSS rules:

form#smart-submit.disabled { opacity: 0.5; }
smart-submit-alert {}
smart-submit-alert-success {}
smart-submit-alert-error {}

How it works

Simply and elegantly! The JS script intercepts form submission event, and sends AJAX request to /content/smart-submit, which uses 'smart-submit' template, which calls the appropriate PHP handler from /content/smart-submit/ folder. When your PHP handler returns JSON (success/error/redirect), the returned message is shown above the form, or the page redirects.


Honeypot is smart anti-spam solution included into Smart Submit plugin. Think of it as invisible Captcha! In short, it is a hidden field which counts seconds after the page has loaded. After form submission, if honeypot field < 2, Smart Submit returns anti-spam alarm.


Here are the string you might want to translate if your site is multi-language:

l::set('smart-submit-alarm', 'Anti-spam alarm. Please try again.');
l::set('smart-submit-missing-handler', 'Error - handler not found. Please contact web site administrator for details.');

All other communation is defined by you in handler PHP files.


Author: Vlad Gerasimov