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SPDX Tools for the Go Programming Language.
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GO SPDX Parser Library

Note: This is a work in progress. The above features and usage are just what is planned for the initial release.

Parser library for SPDX written in Go (golang). It includes a CLI tool that has features such as convert, validate and format (pretty-print).

The CLI tool is a good example on how to use the /spdx, /tag and /rdf packages in other Go programs. All the features available in the CLI tool are available in the library as well.

Features (planned for first release)

The following are currently done:

  • SPDX 1.2 (the only version supported at the moment)
  • parsing RDF formats using goraptor.
  • Convert to/from rdf and tag formats
  • Validate SPDX documents
  • HTML validation output (use the -html flag)
  • Auto-detect the input format (file extension or first line guessing)
  • Format (pretty-print) SPDX documents (tag format)

Downloading and installing

Currently, is used as the import path for the packages in the code. This will change in the future to the SPDX official repositories.

The easiest way is by using go get:

go get

This downloads and installs the spdx-go tool and library.


Building and testing

Simple as go build and go test.


The code is available in two repositories:

  1. Official repository at
  2. Mirrored on GitHub at
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