Command line tool to help you track how much time you spend on different projects.
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| This is a work in progress.

Command line tool to track how much time you spend on different projects.

To do (in big lines)

  • Finish all the basic commands
  • Polish the syntax for those commands and make sure they're consistent
  • Write tests
  • Create a Visualisation
  • Better structure the code

The first basic usable tool will come in the next few weeks and will contain all the basic features (add, rm, init, delete, status, overview).


Initialise index.

$ track init

Add project names.

$ track add <project1> <project2> ... <projectN>

Start working on a project. Use start or work:

$ track work projectName
$ track start projectName

Stop working.

$ track stop

And other commands like delete (delete index), rm (remove projects), status (see current status).


Very basic but informative command line visualisation is in plan but the main way to visualise this data will be through a web browser. The plan is to make a temporary HTML generator or a statis visualisation HTML page.

Getting the data to JavaScript from this tool is straightforward as it uses a very simple JSON file.