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What is this?

A hobby project of mine. Also presented at Infoeducatie in 2010.

The project was not continued or maintained after the contest, so this are the files from 2010 with small modifications. Of course config.php and all the content and images are not in this repository.


I'm sorry but you will need to change every occurrence of to whatever host you are using to play with this code. Check in every file: PHP, JS, CSS, whatever...

Dump structure.sql into a MySQL database and setup config.php accordingly.

You basically need apache with PHP and mod_rewrite enabled. Also, you need to set up the following subdomains:

img.* -> www/img
profil.* -> www/profil
ajutor.* -> www/ajutor

I hope that's all. If not, follow the errors (for a few hours) and if it still does not work, ask me.

inside config.php

There are some variables (they'll be unset() after they're not required anymore):


It is straightforward what information you need to put there. :)

Is this good?

This is a good example of bad code structure. DO NOT WRITE LIKE THIS. I just share this code for... fun, I think.

The Romania map used in prin-tara section might be useful for someone - it was a long process to get that result...

It is live!

You can see this code live at

Copyrights and stuff

This piece of software is released under GNU/GPL v3 licence. See COPYING for the full licence text.

You can use this code as long as you keep it open-source.

Third parties

Oh, yeah. There are a lot of things used from the internet. Starting from jscolor, mapper.js, some bits of code from PHP-Fusion v7 and probably many more - I can't remember. Most of them have their copyright notice with them - respect their licences.

About project - complex carbonara PHP website







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