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Manipulating text:
Insertion Commands:
- These all leave you in insert mode
- i insert before current character
- I insert at beginning of line
- a append after current character
- A append at end of line
- o insert blank line below current line and enter insert mode in it.
- O insert blank line above current line and enter insert mode in it.
Copy/Paste Commands:
- x delete character under cursor
- y yank(copy)
- p paste
- d delete(cut)
- yy yank line
- dd delete line
- u undo
- Ctrl-r redo
- s substitute character(s)
- S substitute line (Deletes current line and puts you in insert mode at beginning)
- r replace character
- R replace line (Puts you in replace/overwrite mode for rest of the line)
- ~ Change case
- c change (deletes and puts you in insert mode)
- C Change to end of line
Putting it all together:
- movement + manipulation = power
- You can combine your manipulation commands (verbs) with your movement commands(nouns) to quickly edit text.
- In addition you can use additional modifiers (adjectives) to further refine your commands.
Yank(copy) 4 characters right: y4l
Yank 2 characters left: y2h
Delete (from cursor) to end of a word: dw
Delete entire word: diw (iw == inside word, i is a modifier)
Delete two words: d2w
Delete two entire words: d2iw
Delete to the end of the line: d$
Delete two words back: d2b
Change entire word: ciw
Change inside (a set of parenthesis): ci) (or ] or } or ' or ")
Change upto (and including) }: cf}
Change upto (excluding) ": ct"
And the possibilities go on...