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Vim on Rails
To fully get the most out of using Vim with Rails I recommend the following plug-ins:
- By the amazing Tim Pope
- If you use nothing else use this.
- Syntax Highlighting
- Auto sets indentation to two spaces
- All Rails.vim commands start with :R
- Easy access to rails script/* commands
- :Rgenerate (migration/model/rspec_model/controller/etc)
- :Rscript (console)
- :Rrake (task, defaults to running test/spec of current file)
- Provides many navigational commands:
- :Redit filename.rb - extends vims edit command with tab completion and rails awareness.
- :Rmodel ModelName or model_name
- :Rcontroller controller_name
- :Rview path/filename (context sensitive, if you are already editing a view or controller show.html.erb will be of that same controller)
- :Rlayout name (defaults to application)
- :Runittest - opens the unittest (Test::Unit or RSpec) for the current model. Can pass model name as param
- :Rhelper name
- :Rspec name
- :Rfind string - Similar to Textmates fuzzy finder (but I find the other navigation commands much more useful)
- And 10 or so more, check the help to find them out.
- No param is needed when working with one particular model.
- All navigation commands have 4 versions:
- :R[command] opens in current tab/window/split
- :RT[command] opens in a new tab
- :RV[command] opens in a vertical split
- :RS[command] opens in a horizontal split
- The exception to the :R rule are the commands Alternate and Related:
- :R (and :RV, :RT, :RS) open the related file. This differs depending on what file you are in. In controller it is the helper, in views teh controller.
- :A (and :AV, :AT, :AS) opens the alternate file. This is most often the test or spec.
- Goto file:
- When in normal mode you can place your cursor on many different things and type gf.
- In a controller on an action name -> view
- On a path helper (my_models_path()) -> the correct action in the correct controller (it reads your routes.rb)
- On an instance variables with the same name as your model (@model_name) -> the models class file.
- On relationship definitions -> the model it is targeting
- On a stylesheet/javascript link -> the js/stylesheet it is targeting
- On a layout :name in a controller -> the layout of that name
- and more....
- Adds the ability to delete, change, and add 'surroundings' to text: (){}[]''"", even xml & html!
- Super smart auto completion (uses tab key)
- Integration with way better then grep ack searching utility.
- Enhanced tree/filesystem explorer.
- Git functionality without leaving vim.
- Vim color scheme specifically designed for Ruby and Rails use.
Also popular, but not my style:
- Provides textmate inspired snippets. Comes with a few but there is a huge library of snippets for ruby/rails/js/css out there.
- Displays all your buffers as pho tabs.