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tablesorter is a jQuery plugin for turning a standard HTML table with THEAD and TBODY tags into a sortable table without page refreshes. tablesorter can successfully parse and sort many types of data including linked data in a cell.




  • Multi-column sorting.
  • Parsers for sorting text, alphanumeric text, URIs, integers, currency, floats, IP addresses, dates (ISO, long and short formats) & time. Add your own easily.
  • Support for ROWSPAN and COLSPAN on TH elements.
  • Support secondary "hidden" sorting (e.g., maintain alphabetical sort when sorting on other criteria).
  • Extensibility via widget system.
  • Cross-browser: IE 6.0+, FF 2+, Safari 2.0+, Opera 9.0+.
  • Small code size.
  • Works with jQuery 1.2.6+


Change Log

View the complete listing here.

Version 2.1.13 (4/17/2012)

Version 2.1.12 (4/16/2012)

  • Modified digit parser to assume numbers wrapped in parenthesis are negative numbers.
  • Updated "digit" parser to remove extraneous characters before parsing. This change makes the "digit" parser essentially work the same as the "currency" parser.
  • Updated some regex to increase parsing speed. See this jsperf.

Version 2.1.11 (4/12/2012)

  • Added emptyToBottom option which tells tablesorter how you want it to sort empty table cells. Enhancement from issue #.
    • true - sort empty table cells to the bottom.
    • false - sort empty table cells to the top.
    • null - sort empty table cells as if the cell has the lowest value (less than "a" and "0").
  • Moved change log from a text file in the repository into the repository wiki pages.

Version 2.1.10 (4/2/2012)

  • Widget data should now save multiple tables on a single page properly. Fix for issue #41.

Version 2.1.9 (3/31/2012)

  • Empty cells in a numerical column should now sort properly.
  • Setting an initial sortList should now set the header sort correctly; so, clicking on the header will properly change the sort direction. Fix for issue #43.

Version 2.1.8 (3/27/2012)

  • Modified blue & green themes by lowering css specificity. The arrows weren't being applied to the header.
  • Updated Sticky Header widget demo page to include a tablesorter theme switcher.

Version 2.1.7 (3/26/2012)

  • Changed default css options to use more unique names:
    • cssHeader is now "tablesorter-header"
    • cssAsc is now "tablesorter-headerSortUp"
    • cssDesc is now "tablesorter-headerSortDown"
    • Updated blue & green styles to use the appropriate names.
    • Left the original css definitions to keep the styles backward compatible.
  • Table header cell content wrapper modification:
    • Previously the content was wrapped with a span, now wrapped with a div
    • Content wrapping div now as the class name of tablesorter-header-inner applied to it.
  • Various widget fixes:
    • The $ code now loads saved variables before updating. Fix for issue #41.
    • Reverted the "filter" widget code to work like it is supposed to. Fix for issue #40.
    • Modified the "stickHeaders" widget to now set the width of the content instead of the table cell. It seems to work better. Fix for issue #37
    • Fixed the "uitheme" widget code to update the sorting icon correctly.
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