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Shaw Brothers Actor Network Analysis

Part of the analysis of shaw brothers films.

Check out the blog post

See this network live

Check out the Analysis Notebook


To view the demo on your computer, you need to be running a local web server.

If you have python installed, you can easily run a web-server from the command line.

First check which version of python you have installed:

python --version

If it is python 2.xx, then run the following command:

cd /path/to/shaw_bros

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000

If it is python 3.xx, you can use:

cd /path/to/shaw_bros

python3 -m http.server 3000

If node is more your style and you have npm installed, try out http-server:

# install the package globally, if you don't have it already.
# NOTE: you only need to do this once.
npm install http-server -g

cd /path/to/interactive-network-v4

http-server -p 3000


The data comes from Letterboxd. Check out the scrape directory for inspiration.


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