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h1. A simple way to get started with data visualizations using d3 and coffeescript
This is an attempt at a partial recreation of the amazing <a href="">TextArc</a> text visualization by W. Bradford Paley.

h2. Usage

h3. First Clone the Repository

git clone
cd vis

h3. You might consider creating a new branch for your Vis

git checkout -b interesting_new_bar_chart

h3. View built in example

You can start up a local webserver by using python's simple server:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000

or @thin@ in ruby

thin start
# might have to run 'bundle install' first

Now go to "":

and you have a basic visualization

h3. Start Coding

Open up @coffee/ and start modifying the built in visualization to fit your needs.

h2. Folder Organization

* @/@
** main vis area
* @/index.html@
** main page for your visualization. Loads coffeescript and javascript files.
* @/coffee/@
** coffeescript files. Example
* @/data/@
** data dump for @.csv@ and @.json@ files and other data files your vis uses.
* @/js/@
** javascript goes here. JS Libraries in @libs@ directory
* @/css/@
** put your stylesheets in here
* @/img/@
** put your images in here
* @/tools/@
** put your helper scripts / data manipulation tools here

h2. Requirments

To startup the server, you either need @python@, or a bunch of @ruby@ gems (should be simplified in the future).

Run @bundle install@ to get the gems needed. Gems listed in the Gemfile

h2. Contents

h3. Twitter Bootstrap

h3. d3.js

h3. Raphael

h3. coffee-script.js

h3. jQuery

h3. Leaflet
This is meant as a tribute to the pioneering work, and as an experiment in how one might implement such interactive visualizations using current open web technologies.

This version is implemented completely in the browser using D3.js

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