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coreutils in V

This repository contains programs equivalent to GNU coreutils, written in the V language.


Complete set of coreutils, written as closely as possible to the POSIX spec, with as many GNU extensions as feasible.

We are looking for solid, working implementations of the commands, not 100% 1-to-1 parity, especially not quirks and unintended side-effects.


Each command has it's own separate subdirectory under src, in case the implementor wishes to create multiple .v files to implement a command, or add a specifically for that command.


Please use the common module for command line/help handling. This will make the command input/output consistent across the tools.


Running make or v run build.vsh will build all the programs in bin/.

Note: support for access to user account info (via utmp) is limited to POSIX-like platforms. And, so, for Windows, utilities requiring utmp support (uptime, users, who, whoami) are currently skipped during the default build process.


Contributions are welcome!

Please only contribute versions of the original utilities written in V. Contributions written in other languages will likely be rejected.

Completed (45/109)

Done Cmd Descripton
[ Alternate form of test
arch Print machine hardware name
b2sum Print or check BLAKE2 digests
base32 Transform data into printable data
base64 Transform data into printable data
basename Strip directory and suffix from a file name
basenc Transform data into printable data
cat Concatenate and write files
chcon Change SELinux context of file
chgrp Change group ownership
chmod Change access permissions
chown Change file owner and group
chroot Run a command with a different root directory
cksum Print CRC checksum and byte counts
comm Compare two sorted files line by line
coreutils Multi-call program
cp Copy files and directories
csplit Split a file into context-determined pieces
cut Print selected parts of lines
date Print or set system date and time
dd Convert and copy a file
df Report file system disk space usage
dir Briefly list directory contents
dircolors Color setup for ls
dirname Strip last file name component
du Estimate file space usage
echo Print a line of text
env Run a command in a modified environment
expand Convert tabs to spaces
expr Evaluate expressions
factor Print prime factors
false Do nothing, unsuccessfully
fmt Reformat paragraph text
fold Wrap input lines to fit in specified width
groups Print group names a user is in
head Output the first part of files
hostid Print numeric host identifier
hostname Print or set system name
id Print user identity
install Copy files and set attributes
join Join lines on a common field
kill Send a signal to processes
link Make a hard link via the link syscall
ln Make links between files
logname Print current login name
ls List directory contents
md5sum Print or check MD5 digests
mkdir Make directories
mkfifo Make FIFOs (named pipes)
mknod Make block or character special files
mktemp Create temporary file or directory
mv Move (rename) files
nice Run a command with modified niceness
nl Number lines and write files
nohup Run a command immune to hangups
nproc Print the number of available processors
numfmt Reformat numbers
od Write files in octal or other formats
paste Merge lines of files
pathchk Check file name validity and portability
pinky Lightweight finger
pr Paginate or columnate files for printing
printenv Print all or some environment variables
printf Format and print data
ptx Produce permuted indexes
pwd Print working directory
readlink Print value of a symlink or canonical file name
realpath Print the resolved file name
rm Remove files or directories
rmdir Remove empty directories
runcon Run a command in specified SELinux context
seq Print numeric sequences
sha1sum Print or check SHA-1 digests
sha224sum Print or check SHA-2 224 bit digests
sha256sum Print or check SHA-2 256 bit digests
sha384sum Print or check SHA-2 384 bit digests
sha512sum Print or check SHA-2 512 bit digests
shred Remove files more securely
shuf Shuffling text
sleep Delay for a specified time
sort Sort text files
split Split a file into pieces
stat Report file or file system status
stdbuf Run a command with modified I/O stream buffering
stty Print or change terminal characteristics
sum Print checksum and block counts
sync Synchronize cached writes to persistent storage
tac Concatenate and write files in reverse
tail Output the last part of files
tee Redirect output to multiple files or processes
test Check file types and compare values
timeout Run a command with a time limit
touch Change file timestamps
tr Translate, squeeze, and/or delete characters
true Do nothing, successfully
truncate Shrink or extend the size of a file
tsort Topological sort
tty Print file name of terminal on standard input
uname Print system information
unexpand Convert spaces to tabs
uniq Uniquify files
unlink Remove files via the unlink syscall
uptime Print system uptime and load
users Print login names of users currently logged in
vdir Verbosely list directory contents
wc Print newline, word, and byte counts
who Print who is currently logged in
whoami Print effective user ID
yes Print a string until interrupted


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