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This is pre-alpha software.

Lots of things are broken and not implemented yet in V and vweb.

There's no documentation yet, have a look at a simple example:

There's also the V forum:

vorum.v contains all GET and POST actions.

pub fn (app mut App) index() {
	posts := app.find_all_posts()

// TODO ['/post/:id/:title'] 
// TODO `fn (app App) post(id int)` 
pub fn (app App) post() {
	id := app.get_post_id() 
	post := app.retrieve_post(id) or {
	comments := app.find_comments(id)
	show_form := true 

index.html is an example of the V template language:

@for post in posts 
	<div class=post>
		<a class=topic href="@post.url">@post.title</a> 
		<img class=comment-img> 
		<span class=nr-comments>@post.nr_comments</span> 
		<span class=time>@post.time</span>

$vweb.html() compiles an HTML template into V during compilation, and embeds the resulting code in current action.

That means that the template automatically has access to that action's entire environemnt.

Deploying vweb apps

Everything, including HTML templates, is in one binary file. That's all you need to deploy.

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