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Open-source blogging/forum software written in V
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Open-source blogging/forum software written in V.

(The name is not final, name suggestions are welcome.)

This is pre-alpha software.

Lots of things are broken and not implemented yet in V, vweb, and vorum.

Setting up the database

Install Postgres and libpq, create a database vorum (you can use any name), and run the initialization script:

psql -f init_postgres_db.sql -d vorum

Edit Postgres connection settings (Postgres user and db name) in main.v.


V 0.1.23 is required.

git clone
cd vorum
v .

Running vorum on http://localhost:8092...


Everything, including HTML templates, is in one binary ~100 KB file vorum. That's all you need to deploy.

Setting up GitHub authentication

Right now only GitHub authentication is supported. (Traditional registration via email will be implemented soon.)

  • Create a GitHub oauth app (GitHub Settings => OAuth Apps).

  • Set Authorization callback URL to

  • Copy Client ID and Client Secret, and update the values in oauth.v or set VORUM_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID and VORUM_OAUTH_SECRET env vars.

Known problems:

  • vweb HTML templates are precompiled and are part of the application's binary, so every time a template is changed, the entire app has to be rebuilt. This will be resolved in the future.

  • no epoll/kqueue yet. So the performance is pretty bad until this is implemented: about 1k req/sec.

  • Right now only Postgres is supported. SQLite, MySQL, and MS SQL backends will be supported in the future.

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