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What's new in Python 3.3.
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What's New In Python 3.3

Based on What's New In Python 3.3 by Raymond Hettinger.

New syntax features:

  • New yield from expression for generator delegation.
  • The u'unicode' syntax is accepted again for str objects.
  • New raise ... from None syntax for suppressing exception context.

New library modules:

  • faulthandler (helps debugging low-level crashes)
  • ipaddress (high-level objects representing IP addresses and masks)
  • lzma (compress data using the XZ / LZMA algorithm)
  • venv (Python virtual environments, as in the popular virtualenv package)

New built-in features:

Other features:

  • Native support for implicit namespace packages (PEP 420).
  • Qualified name __qualname__ for classes and functions (PEP 3155).

Implementation improvements:

  • Rewritten import machinery based on importlib.
  • More compact unicode strings.
  • More compact attribute dictionaries.

Security improvements:

  • Hash randomization is switched on by default.

Please read on for a comprehensive list of user-facing changes.

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