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Each Sensor supported by the firmware is responsible for delivering values to one or more placeholders. So whenever there are settings that relate to outputs from the Sensors, those placeholders may be used during configuration. At runtime the actual values will be used. In case of typos or using a placeholder whose Sensor is offline - no replacement will be done. The supported placeholders are as follows:

Placeholder Sensor Description
%TEMP% Temperature/Humidity Temperature in Celsius
%HUM% Temperature/Humidity Relative Humidity in %
%PRES% Pressure Pressure in hPa
%ALT% Pressure Altitude in meters (assuming 1013 hPa sea level pressure)
%CO2% CO2 CO2 Concentration in PPM
%PM25% Dust PM 2.5 Level in umg/m3
%PM10% Dust PM 10 Level in umg/m3
%LUX% Light Lightness level in LUX
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