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Releases: vlc-qt/vlc-qt

VLC-Qt 1.1.1

02 Aug 17:54
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  • Use GNUInstallDirs module (issue #132)
  • Add ability to install QML plugins to the system location (issue #162)
  • Properly build with MSVC2015 (issue #168)

This release was delayed due to other obligations and packaging rework. No pre-built packages will be available for this release. Sorry for any inconvenience.

VLC-Qt 1.1.0

04 Jul 19:36
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  • Update VLC to 2.2.4
  • Requires libVLC 2.1 or newer
  • libVLC 2.2 headers are provided as submodule
  • Native logging support with ability to set log level
  • Add ability to set application ID
  • VLC media: add parsed state, async parse request, duration and current state
  • VLC media list player: next item signal now also sends pointer to VlcMedia
  • VLC media player: seekable status
  • New frame stream class
  • New QML player and video rendering (deprecates old VlcQmlVideoPlayer)
  • New QML plugin
  • QML audio, video and subtitles tracks support
  • Deinterlacing, aspect ratio and crop ratio changed signals
  • Reading libvlc arguments from environment variable VLC_ARGS
  • Initial automatic testing support
  • Deprecated: VlcError:clearerr is not needed and causes issues so it is
    deprecated and will be removed in 2.0 (currently does nothing)

VLC-Qt 1.0.1

09 Feb 20:03
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Changes since 1.0:

  • Update VLC to 2.2.2
  • Support Homebrew provided Qt (issue #128)
  • Error messages are marked as proper warnings/errors on console output
  • Fix: Video output should be default first
  • Fix: Add LIB_SUFFIX to generated CMake modules install path (related to issue #132)

VLC-Qt 1.0

27 Dec 17:12
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Changes from 0.90.0:

  • Add audio and video filter module list (issue #112)
  • Add "Ignore" ratio that enables QML player to stretch video to container (issue #113)
  • Add ability to set playback rate (issue #127)
  • Do not abort if libVLC fails to initialise but leave this for application to handle (issue #124)
  • QML player should have enum values as strings not integers, as enums can change unexpectedly
  • Expose protected methods on widgets to enable subclassing
  • Fix: Do not set time, if not playing (issue #120)

All packages use VLC 2.2.1 and Qt 5.5.1. Windows packages are built using AppVeyor.

VLC-Qt 1.0 beta 1 (0.90.0)

20 Sep 10:58
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  • Renamed to VLCQtCore, VLCQtQml and VLCQtWidgets
  • Autogenerated CMake search scripts for full modularity
  • Added Equalizer
  • Added support for functions from newer libVLC versions
  • Added audio channel selection
  • Added volumeChanged and muteChanged slots to VlcAudio
  • Made WidgetSeek more flexible with supporting sliders and progress bars
  • Fix: Building with Qt4 (issue #59)
  • Fix: Missing break in event parsing
  • Fix: Windows does not need patched headers anymore
  • Updated documentation

VLC-Qt 0.10.0

16 Mar 12:48
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  • Full Qt5 QML support
  • Ability to set VLC plugin path
  • VLC 2.2 support
  • Stats support (issue #28)
  • Debug/Release postfix in library filenames (issue #29)
  • Fix: Make VlcError::errmsg() return QString, not void (issue #48)
  • Fix: Add remaining pkgconfig files (issue #51)

VLC-Qt 0.9.0

27 Sep 17:48
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  • Official OS X support (10.6 or later, 64-bit only) - binaries not available yet
  • Static build support
  • Simplified volume slider
  • Experimental Qt5 QML support (disabled by default)
  • Fix: Use UTF-8 encoding on all platforms
  • Windows SDK updated to Qt 5.1.1 MSVC2012 and VLC 2.0.8

VLC-Qt 0.8.1

08 Aug 20:26
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  • Autodetect Qt4 or Qt5
  • Restored MinGW support
  • Windows SDK updated to Qt 5.0.2 and VLC 2.0.6
    with release and debug builds

(Binaries not available for this version)

VLC-Qt 0.8.0

08 Aug 19:33
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  • Separate library into modules: core, widgets and qml
  • Introduce position() and setPosition() methods
  • Fix pause method and introduce togglePause method
  • Removed mouse and fullscreen functions from WidgetVideo
  • Full support for MSVC and Qt5
  • Fix: Use proper track ids
  • Fix: Install pkg-config file to correct path (issue #12)
  • Fix: Don't use exit() (issue #13)

VLC-Qt 0.7.0

08 Aug 19:33
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  • Re-licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3
  • Native MSVC support
  • Basic QML Video Player
  • New MediaList and MediaListPlayer
  • Support for libvlc events
  • Ability to access current media and other set objects
  • Ability to check track type
  • Enums for common audio/video outputs
  • Logo and marquee support
  • Scale video function
  • Added and changed some common instance arguments
  • Drop support for older versions of Qt and VLC, supported are Qt 4.8 or later and VLC 2.0 or later.