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Virtual Labs Summer Internship Program 2016

Summer Internship 2016 programme will be held at Virtual Labs Engineering and Architecture Division (VLEAD), IIIT Hyderabad from 16-05-2016 to 15-07-2016.


Virtual Labs Engineering and Architecture Division is the central engineering team of Virtual Labs that takes cares of both the research and development needs of Virtual laboratories. VLEAD’s mandate is to design and architect the implementation framework for Virtual Labs, providing all kinds of infrastructure support and services to lab developers. Virtual Labs is an initiative by MHRD under NMEICT. Its objective is to make engineering education engaging, enjoyable, immersive and online.

Program Details

Venue, Date and Time

  • Venue - Virtual Labs Engineering and Architecture Division (VLEAD), B6-204, Vindhya C6, IIIT, Hyderabad
  • Start Date - 16-05-2016
  • End Date - 15-07-2016.

Program Aims

  • Provide interns with opportunity to gain practical work experience in line with their studies or interests, and expose them to fast paced technological development world wide.
  • Find creative solutions for making system, process or design efficient and sustainable.

Project Areas

  • Renarration
  • Authentication between different web services
  • Virtual Lab Integration
  • Experiment as a service
  • Virtual Labs Dashboard
  • Google Web Designer
  • Google Course Builder
  • Capacity Building for Big Data
  • AWS Lambda
  • Docker Containers

Interns and Mentors

S.No.Candidate NameAffiliationGitProfileWork LogProjectMentor
1.Raghav MittalNIIT Rajasthan, B.Tech, CSE II YearlinklinkRenarrationProf. Venkatesh Choppella, Sai Gollapudi
2.Raj ManvarIIITH, B.Tech, CSE, II YearlinklinkRenarrationProf. Venkatesh Choppella, Sai Gollapudi
3.Sasank ViswanathaMEC, B.Tech, CSE, II YearlinkAuthenticationThirumal
4.Srivalya ElluruNITK, B.Tech, IT, II YearlinkVLABS DashboardThirumal
5.Ammanamanchi Namratha DeepthiNITK, B.Tech, IT, II YearlinkIntegrationLalit
6.Rama ShanbhagNITK, B.Tech, IT, II YearlinkIntegratiomLalit
7.Harsha VattemIIT KGP, B.Tech, CSE, I YearlinkJavascriptProf. Venkatesh Choppella
8.AnshumanIIT M, B.Tech, Mech, II YearlinkJavascriptProf. Venkatesh Choppella
9.DheerajIIT M, B.Tech, Mech II YearlinkJavascriptProf. Venkatesh Choppella
10.Ian Galvin FernandesNITK, B.Tech, CSE, II YearlinkBig DataDevi Prasad
11.Jahanvi AyyanikNIT, RourkelalinkDockerShiv Shankar
12.Meghana BandaruNIT, DurgapurlinkAWS LambdaSripathi Kammari


Contact Details :: For all logistics inquiries, the contact person is B. Sravanthi and she can be reached at 040-66531592.


Hostel NameGenderContact Number

Accommodation will be arranged in the IIIT-H hostels for all the interns who have requested for boarding facilities. On arrival boys should proceed to Bakul Nivas hostel and girls to Parul Nivas Hostel. On stating their name to the respective hostel security ,they will be assigned a hostel room on a shared basis( 2 students/room). They will need to pay Rs. 4000 through a DD drawn in favour of “IIIT-H” and hand over the same to the respective hostel warden within 2-3 days of arrival. This would be towards their hostel rent for the first month @ Rs.4000/- per month per person excluding food charges which needs to be paid separately. They can get this amount reimbursed by submitting the receipts to Ms. Pushpalatha who is the admin in-charge for SERC (B5-204). The dining charges @Rs.120/- per day (BF:30, Lunch: 45, Dinner:45) is to be paid by the student directly to mess where he or she eats. However,they can get maximum Rs. 3000 reimbursed every month towards dining against mess receipts.


There are multiple canteens and messes that serve breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner inside campus. Also other options available in the neighbourhood area around IIIT-H campus.


Reporting Hours
9am-6pm (9 hrs including 1 hr lunch break). Interns need to log in and out time daily. Please follow the below instructions daily during checking-in and checking-out time -
  1. Visit
  2. On the left pane, select your name from the first drop down menu.
  3. Select in or out depending upon whether checking-in or checking-out.
  4. Type in the password. Please contact Ashay for your passwords.
  5. Click submit.
No leaves are granted unless it is an emergency. The approval for an emergency leave is taken from Prof. Venkatesh Choppella.
Work status reporting
  • Each intern creates his/her own repository named vlabs-internship
  • Each intern submits a daily log of work done in this =format=.
  • This report is pushed to the individual’s vlabs-internship repository at the end of each day.
Each intern makes two presentations tentatively on Monday, June 13, 2016 and Thursday, July 14, 2016 on work accomplished till that point in time.
Final Report
Each intern submits a final report as a document detailing the work accomplished during the internship.

Accounts and IDE setup

LDAP accounts
Each intern would be provided an LDAP account by Ashay. This account allows creation of containers and VMs on Virtual Labs infrastructure. These containers are strictly to be used only for the realization of the tasks assigned to the intern.
IDE setup
Integrated development environment is setup on the computer. This involves installing emacs, org, xchat and other packages. Please refer to the documentation for setting up this environment.

Communication Channels

Internet Relay Chat
All interns should be always logged on to #vlead channel during the office hours of the internship programme. All other engineers at Virtual Labs would be also on the same channel. This tutorial lists all the information in using IRC for communication. xchat is a chat client for IRC.
Mailing List
  1. should be used for email communication either between the interns or with the Virtual Labs staff. This list is for co-ordination, allocation of tasks etc.
  1. All technically related conversation should be done using =engineers= mailing list. This list is publicly =accessed=. Please subscribe to this group and ensure is copied for a wider audience.

Boot Camp

During the boot camp, the interns will be given an overview of the tools used for development - editor(emacs), authoring(org) and version control(git) and help in setting the laptops with this development environment.

The processes - git hub development work flow, literate programming and technologies - javascript, python, mysql, virtualization exposed to the students by building an application involving all the above stated key words.

[2016-05-16 Mon]Inaugural Meet - Welcome Address09:009:30Prof. Venkatesh
Introductions by all09:3010:30
Tea Break10:3011:00
Setting up the Laptops11:0013:00VLEAD Staff
Prof. Venkatesh
Daily Report Submission17:0017:15
Development of Application - Part I
[2016-05-17 Tue]Requirement Gathering09:0013:00
Data Modelling14:0017:00
Development of Application - Part II
[2016-05-18 Wed]Python and09:0013:00
Development of Object Relational Model
Python and14:0017:00
Development of Rest API
Development of Application - Part III
[2016-05-19 Thu]Javascript and09:0013:00
Development of Front End
Javascript and14:0017:00
Development of Front End
Development of Application - Part IV
[2016-05-20 Fri]Deployment and Virtualization09:0013:00Prof Venkatesh
Deployment and Virtualization14:0017:00