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A show case of model driven developmet of web applications.

Please checkout this document to run the application in developer’s environment.

To Fix

request handling

  1. we do not need to check for GET and POST in request handlers that have only one method registered on them. eg: at show_users()
  2. We need to check for existence of keys in request handlers, and not simply dereference the dictionary. eg: show_users()

Add user API change

We cannot create an admin user with add_user. Hence, remove the role parameter from the add_user API. make =role = “user”= by default.

Remove role as a parameter from the REST API. Change add_user in system interface to set =role = “user”= by default.

Have APIS return usage errors in JSON

wrong API usage / wrong user input should not result in 4xx or 5xx errors.

Rather, they should return a json object along the lines of

    status: "success" / "failure",
    [error_message: "error_string"]
    [other components on success]
  • Errors will have =”failure”= and an associated error message
  • Success with have =”success”= and other associated data



URLError: <urlopen error [Errno -2] Name or service not known>

If such an error occurs when authentication using google oauth, install nscd - reference

apt-get install nscd