Publish your application to a Docker image using .NET Core CLI
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.NET Core Docker Publisher

Publish your application to a Docker image using the .NET CLI

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Use the .NET Core Docker Publisher

Setting up your project to use the Docker publisher is very easy. These steps should get you up and running in no time.

The tool will create a Dockerfile next to your published application and execute docker build to create an Docker image.

Change project.json

Next, you should change your project.json file and add the dotnet-publish-docker package to tools and add the dotnet publish-docker to the post-publish script.

"tools": {
  "dotnet-publish-docker": "1.0.0-preview1"
"scripts": {
  "postpublish": "dotnet publish-docker --publish-folder %publish:OutputPath%"

It's possible to create your own base Docker image and use this as --base-image parameter.

Publish your project

Now you're able to publish your application and you should see it creates a Docker image for your.

dotnet publish

Run your Docker image

With the Docker CLI you should see your image and will be able to run it.

docker images
docker run --rm <appname>