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A CSP for the OpenPGP card.

These project should be considered in addition to the OpenPGP minidriver project.

It has been designed to provide support for the OpenPGP card and especially the possibility to request certificate from the Windows PKI.


Getting Started

Open the solution in Visual Studio and build the project. The version used for the development is Visual Studio 2012


A code signing certificate with the kernel mode option or using the prebuilt binaries. Indeed, at the opposite of a minidriver, a CSP MUST be signed.

The current release is signed by a SHA2 certificate (kernel mode signing). That means that the Microsoft Security Advisory 3033929 MUST be installed.

Installing manually

Copy the binaries to a known location. C:\windows\system32 is well known one. Edit the .reg file at the root of the project and add the ATR of the card to test. The OpenPGP Card v2 & v3 have already been added. Double click on the .reg file to install.

Running the tests

Run certutil -scinfo (beware of the 32 or 64 bits version when doing test - c:\windows\syswow64\certutil.exe is the 32 bits one) and double check that the Card name is filled.

Certutil test with the "Open PGP Card v2"

  0: SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader 0
--- Lecteur : SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader 0
--- Statut : Carte disponible pour utilisation.
---   Carte : OpenPGP Card v2
---    ATR :
        3b da 18 ff 81 b1 fe 75  1f 03 00 31 c5 73 c0 01   ;......u...1.s..
        40 00 90 00 0c                                     @....


  • Vincent LE TOUX - Initial commit


This project is licensed under the LGPL License