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Various Synology Packages built with Mods Packager
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MODS AcpiOnLan
MODS Browser
MODS Dummy
MODS Flex TV Emb
MODS GateOne
MODS Package Capture
MODS Package Manager
MODS Sample - Advanced CGI
MODS Sample - Advanced Script
MODS Sample - Ajax CGI Rename Packages Dec 25, 2018
MODS Sample - Basic CGI
MODS Sample - Basic Urls
MODS Sample - Simple CGI
MODS Sample - Various
MODS Server Monitor
MODS Simple Chat
MODS Simple SPK Server
MODS Web Console

This is a list of "Package Folder" containing deflated Synology packages...

I have created those for my own purpose:

  • either by modifying existing Synology Packages (Ex.: 'MODS SSPKS' which is a modification of Julien Del-Piccolo's Simple SPK Server)
  • or by creating my own Packages (Ex.: 'MODS Package Manager'which is a package to help in moving packages from a volume to another)

Those 'Package Folders' that can be opened with "Mods Packager" in order to rebuild the SPK files (Synology Packages). Briefly said: run "Mods Packager" and open any of those folders, either by using the menu File > Open or by drag&dropping the folder onto Mods Packager's Main UI.

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