map pairs of sequentially pressed keys to commands
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key-seq.el provides a way to map pairs of sequentially but quickly pressed keys to commands. It includes two interactive functions: key-seq-define-global and key-seq-define which are complementary to key-chord-* functions found in key-chord.el. The difference is that key-seq-* functions produce bindings only in a defined key order while bindings defined with key-chord-* are symmetrical.

The package depends on key-chord.el and it requires active key-chord-mode to work. Add this line to your configuration:

(key-chord-mode 1)

Then you can define key sequences like this:

(key-seq-define-global "qd" 'dired)

(key-seq-define text-mode-map "qf" 'flyspell-buffer)

For key delay and other customizations see key-chord.el documentation.