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q10r is a simple questionnaire web app. It produces questionnaires from JSON files and stores submissions in JSON files under different directory. q10r also provides a page for viewing questionnaire results.


http://demo:demo@vlevit.org/q10r/ <-- list of questionnaires
http://vlevit.org/q10r/texteditor <-- questionnaire "texteditor"
http://demo:demo@vlevit.org/q10r/texteditor/results <-- results for questionnaire "texteditor"


q10r is a Flask blueprint. To install dependencies run

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then create a new application (or embed to the existing one). See example_app.py as for example. Create config similar to example_config.py. It must contain QUESTIONNAIRE_DIR which must point to a directory with questionnaire files and QUESTIONNAIRE_SUBMISSIONS_DIR where submissions will be written. Don't forget to udpate QUESTIONNAIRE_BASIC_AUTH tuple. It is used for authentication to the questionnaire list and results pages.


Site root provides a list of existing questionnaires with links to forms and results.

Look at questionnaires/texteditor.json for a questionnaire example. Each questionnaire is an object with the following keys:


With extends you can specify a different json file as a base, it should be prefixed with _ so it will not be considered a stand-alone questionnaire. With template you can specify alternative template. If not specified questionnaire.html is used. questions is a list of objects which represent (surprisingly) questions. Each such object must be one of the following types: string (text), text (textarea), radio and checkbox. radio, checkbox questions must have options. To mark option as "other" field (a field with a text input) prefix it with "+" sign.

You can override q10r templates by creating templates with the same names in your application's template directory or you can specify template option for desired questionnaires.