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unisync — Unison bash wrapper

unisync is Unison bash wrapper. Single unisync configuration file replaces Unison profiles. unisync automatically constructs roots according to your location. It allows to sync individual files, group of files and all files at the same time.


Sync all files:

$ unisync

Sync individual profiles:

$ unisync firefox emacs bash

Sync groups of profiles:

$ unisync configs documents

List all available profiles:

$ unisync -l

List all available groups:

$ unisync -g

Print commands but don't run them:

$ unisync -d

Specify Unison arguments:

$ unisync [profiles|groups] -auto=false -ignore "Name junk"

Configuration file

unisync looks up .unisyncrc in the user's home directory. If UNISYNCRC environment variable is set, it overrides the default path. A configuration file is a bash file by itself. Look at unisyncrc.example for an example.


Copyright (C) 2012 Vyacheslav Levit

Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or (at your opinion) any later version. See COPYING file for more information.