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tutorials: remove some duplicate listings of tutorials

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@@ -49,12 +49,6 @@ <h1 id="tut.clustering">Clustering</h1>
<li><p><a href="%pathto:tut.kdtree;">Forests of kd-trees</a>.
Approximate nearest neighbor queries in high dimensions using an
optimized forest of kd-trees.</p></li>
- <li><p><a href="%pathto:tut.ikm;">Integer optimized <em>k</em>-means
- (IKM)</a>. A quick overview of VLFeat's fast <em>k</em>-means
- implementation.</p></li>
- <li><p><a href="%pathto:tut.imdisttf;">Fast image distance transform</a>.
- An overview showing how to quickly compute the distance transform of an
- edge map.</p></li>
<li><p><a href="%pathto:tut.utils;">MATLAB Utilities</a>. A list of
useful MATLAB functions bundled with VLFeat.</p></li>
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