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''' This is dataset loader file to load the bAbI dataset. '''
import re
import numpy as np
from glob import glob
from import DataLoader
from import Dataset
from import default_collate
class adict(dict):
def __init__(self, *arg, **karg):
dict.__init__(self, *arg, **karg)
self.__dict__ = self
def pad_collate(batch):
max_len_ques = float('-inf')
max_sen_len_context = float('-inf')
max_len_context = float('-inf')
for item in batch:
contexts, ques, _ = item
if len(contexts) > max_len_context:
max_len_context = len(contexts)
if len(ques) > max_len_ques:
max_len_ques = len(ques)
for sen in contexts:
if(len(sen) > max_sen_len_context):
max_sen_len_context = len(sen)
max_len_context = min(max_len_context, 70)
for idx, item in enumerate(batch): # Going through each example in the batch which contains their ow context, question and answer.
context_i, question, answer = item
context_i = context[-max_len_context:] #???
context = np.zeros((max_len_context, max_sen_len_context))
for i, sen in enumerate(context_i): # going through ith context containing max_len_context sentences and a question
context[i] = np.pad(sen, (0, max_sen_len_context-len(sen)), 'constant', constant_values=0)
question = np.pad(question, (0, max_len_ques-len(question)), 'constant', constant_values=0)
batch[idx] = (context, question, answer)
return default_collate(batch)
class BabiDataSet(Dataset):
def __init__(self, task_id, mode='train'):
self.mode = mode
self.vocab_path = 'dataset/babi{}_vocab.pkl'.format(task_id)
train_data, test_data = get_train_test(task_id) # Get raw train_data and test_data from babi dataset
self.QA = adict()
self.QA.VOCAB = {'<PAD>': 0, '<EOS>':1}
self.QA.IVOCAB = {0:'<PAD>', 1:'<EOS>'}
self.train = self.get_processed_data(train_data)
self.valid = [self.train[i][-int(len(self.train[i])/10):] for i in range(3)] # splitting into 90/10 train/val dataset
self.train = [self.train[i][:int(9*len(self.train[i])/10)] for i in range(3)] # splitting into 90/10 train/val dataset
self.test = self.get_processed_data(test_data)
def set_mode(self, mode):
self.mode = mode
def __len__(self):
if self.mode == 'train':
return len(self.train[0])
elif self.mode == 'valid':
return len(self.valid[0])
elif self.mode == 'test':
return len(self.test[0])
print ("Invalid Mode!")
def __getdata__(self, index):
if self.mode == 'train':
contexts, questions, answers = self.train
elif self.mode == 'valid':
contexts, questions, answers = self.valid
elif self.mode == 'test':
contexts, questions, answers = self.test
return contexts[index], questions[index], answers[index]
def get_processed_data(self, raw_data):
unindexed= get_unprocessed_data(raw_data)
contexts= []
answers= []
for qa in unindexed:
context= [c.lower().split()+ ['<EOS>'] for c in qa['C']]
for con in context:
for token in con:
context= [[self.QA.VOCAB[token] for token in sentence] for sentence in context]
question= qa['Q'].lower().split()+ ['<EOS>']
for token in question:
question= [self.QA.VOCAB[token] for token in question]
answer= self.QA.VOCAB[qa['A'].lower()]
return (contexts, questions, answers)
def build_vocab(self, token):
if not token in self.QA.VOCAB:
next_index= len(self.QA.VOCAB)
self.QA.VOCAB[token]= next_index
self.QA.IVOCAB[next_index]= token
def get_train_test(task_id):
paths = glob('data/en-10k/qa{}_*'.format(task_id))
for path in paths:
if 'train' in path:
with open(path, 'r') as f:
train =
elif 'test' in path:
with open(path, 'r') as f:
test =
return train, test
def build_vocab(raw_data):
lowered= raw_data.lower()
tokens= re.findall('[a-zA-Z]+',lowered)
types= set(tokens)
return types
def get_unprocessed_data(raw_data):
tasks = []
task = None
data = raw_data.strip().split('\n')
for i, line in enumerate(data):
id = int(line[0:line.find(' ')])
if id == 1:
task = {"C": "", "Q": "", "A": "", "S": ""}
counter = 0
id_map = {}
line = line.strip()
line = line.replace('.', ' . ')
line = line[line.find(' ')+1:]
# if not a question
if line.find('?') == -1:
task["C"] += line + '<line>'
id_map[id] = counter
counter += 1
idx = line.find('?')
tmp = line[idx+1:].split('\t')
task["Q"] = line[:idx]
task["A"] = tmp[1].strip()
task["S"] = [] # Supporting facts
for num in tmp[2].split():
tc = task.copy()
tc['C'] = tc['C'].split('<line>')[:-1]
return tasks
if __name__ == '__main__':
dataset_train= BabiDataSet(20, is_train= True) # Loading the dataset with task_id = 20
train_loader= DataLoader(dataset_train,batch_size=2, shuffle=True,collate_fn= pad_collate)
for batch_idx, data in enumerate(train_loader):
contexts, questions, answers= data
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