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About django-smsbrana

This code incompletely implements api from smsbrana connect api

You can call three commands :

  • send_sms - sends sms
  • inbox - shows status of your inbox (your sms on server) and sms delivery reports
  • credit_info - how much credit you have left

It also provides notification callback view function. Which will be called upon arrival of new message into your inbox.


pip install git+git://
add 'smsbrana' to the INSTALLED_APPS.
add url(r'^smsbrana/', include('smsbrana.urls', namespace="smsbrana")) to


It's necessary to set several constants in


optional is:
SMS_CONNECT_SECURE = True #if you want to use plaintext password sending, don't
SMS_CONNECT_SENDER_ID = 'some sender id' #from smsbrana configuration


Have a look at the tests to see how the class SmsConnect is used. Basically like this:

sc = SmsConnect()
result = sc.send_sms(number='777111222', message='msg') #there are more optional params
#in result is a dict containing this keys - 'err','price','sms_count','credit','sms_id'

All API calls can raise SmsConnectException, you should handle it.


There are two signals provided.

  • smsconnect_notification_received -- caled when view notification function is called, providing request and result of inbox API call
  • smsconnect_sms_sent -- called when SMS is sent, provides phone_number, text and result of the API call

View function

smsconnect_notification will handle notification calls from which will be issued upon new message arrival or sms delivery. It will fire the smsconnect_notification_received signal. This function is updating state of SentSms model instances, setting their flags, delivered and delivered_date.

Model SentSms

You can use this model to track sent SMSes. Some helpful methods on the model are also provided.

  • generate_sms_verification_code(length=6) -- if you want to use model for sending verification codes
  • can_send_from_ip(ip, time_allowance=30) -- checks if there were smses sent from IP address in time_allowance seconds ago
  • sms_to_number_delivered_in_last_hours(hours, phone_number) -- if to specified phone number SMS was delivered hours ago up to now

This is not exhaustive documentation, read the code.