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Erlaws provides Erlang interfaces to various Amazon WebService offerings.

This code is a fork of x6j8x/erlaws, which is officially marked as "no longer maintained".

-- original documentation from Google Code wiki --

= Description = 
Erlaws is a collection of client implementations of Amazon's WebServices offerings. Currently there are clients for S3, SQS and SDB.

= Build =

Check out the latest code from github (git clone git:// and issue `erl -make` to build the sources.

= Usage =

All erlaws modules (erlaws_s3, _sdb, _sqs) are now parameterized modules. You can create a new instance of a modules using (example for erlaws_sdb):

SDB = erlaws_sdb:new(AWS_KEY, AWS_SEC_KEY, (true|false)).

The last parameter determines whether the connection should made using plain HTTP (false) or HTTPS (true).

In order to be able to use erlaws the "inets" and "crypto" application must be started.

= Documentation =

All available functions are documented in the .erl files for the service clients. 

Here a short overview:

== erlaws_s3 ==

  * list_buckets/0
  * create_bucket/1
  * create_bucket/2 (for EU buckets)
  * delete_bucket/1
  * list_contents/1
  * list_contents/2
  * put_object/5
  * get_object/2
  * info_object/2
  * delete_object/2

== erlaws_sqs == 

  * list_queues/0
  * list_queues/1 
  * get_queue/1
  * create_queue/1
  * create_queue/2
  * get_queue_attr/1
  * set_queue_attr/3
  * delete_queue/1
  * send_message/2 
  * receive_message/1
  * receive_message/2
  * receive_message/3
  * delete_message/2

== erlaws_sdb ==

  * create_domain/1
  * delete_domain/1
  * list_domains/0
  * list_domains/1
  * put_attributes/3
  * delete_item/2
  * delete_attributes/3
  * get_attributes/2
  * get_attributes/3
  * list_items/1
  * list_items/2 
  * query_items/2
  * query_items/3