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Getting started

Install git, Hugo and sbt. If you're using macOS, you can use Homebrew.

brew install git hugo sbt

Clone the git repository, including the submodule for the blog theme.

git clone --recurse-submodules

Creating a blog post

Posts go into the posts directory. See existing blog posts for examples.

Previewing changes

Start tut in watch mode, compiling posts as you change and save them:

sbt "~tutQuick"

and start Hugo in watch mode, to automatically build and reload the site on changes.

cd hugo
hugo serve

If your post is marked as a draft, instead use hugo serve -D to include draft posts.


Before publishing, you might want to generate and preview the site.

sbt previewSite

To generate the site and publish it to GitHub Pages, use the following.

sbt ghpagesPushSite

You need write permissions to the respository in order to be able to publish.