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The plastic table-like item found in pizza boxes is called a box tent and was patented in 1983.

BoxTent is a frontend workflow that gives you the infrastructure to build your next website prescribing web development best practices to deliver a state of the art product to your users. With the help of Grunt and Bower, BoxTent automates your workflow and takes care of assets optimization, concatenation, minification and much more. BoxTent includes out of the box support for:

  • Sass (.scss) compilation
  • Images optimization and compression
  • .js concatenation
  • .html, .css and .js minification
  • .css automatic autoprefixing
  • Browser auto-reloading and live syncing across devices
  • HTML includes

BoxTent is perfect for crafting small and simple .html, .css and .js performant website and can be easily extended to suit more complex needs, leaving you the time to focus on what really matters: your code.

BoxTent is presented as a blank canvas, not a framework. It promotes a defined workflow and comes with a very basic HTML5 template, a folder structure and some starting files to work with. All you need to do is download or fork the repository from github and install the necessary dependencies to start coding right away. You are the one in control of the technology, the plugins and the frameworks you want to use for your project.


Read the full documentation at

Release Notes

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