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datasets Added International Calling Codes Sep 27, 2017

The Data You Need In The Programming Language You Want exists to serve a simple purpose: An easy way to get common data sets (like States, Countries, Curriencies and symbols, etc.) in the programming language you want them in for the projects you are working on.

Adding a New Dataset

All the current datasets are stored as raw JSON files in the Datasets directory.

  1. Fork this repo, add your dataset in the datasets directory as a JSON file
  2. And then expose it on the frontend with the datasets variable in app.js

Adding a New Language

Don't see your language represented on the site? Let's add it in! All devdata needs to know is some syntax and formatting rules, and it does the rest.

  1. Add your language and all applicable syntax and formatting rules to the formatMap variable in lib/converter.js
  2. And then expose it on the frontend with the supportedFormats variable in app.js


DevData source code and generated formatted code is all freely licensed with the BSD 3-clause license.