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title: Scopes layout: docs_page date: 2014-08-14 09:34:30

While you can create custom query methods by using custom mappers, it is often desirable to create small named bite-sized conditions for queries that can be chained together to create more complex queries. Scopes are a convenient way to add custom methods to a Spot\Query object that serve this purpose.

Example Mapper With Scopes Defined

namespace Entity\Mapper;

use Spot\Mapper;

class Post extends Mapper
    public function scopes()
        return [
            'free' => function ($query) {
                return $query->where(['type' => 'free']);
            'active' => function ($query) {
                return $query->where(['status' => 1]);
The scopes you define in the `scopes` method on your custom mapper will be accessible from the `Spot\Query` object.

Using Scopes in Queries

You can now use the free and active scopes as methods as soon as you have a Spot\Query object.

$posts = $mapper->all()->free()->active();

This will achieve the same result as chaining the where conditions directly, but using scopes have much greater readability and clarity:

$posts = $mapper->where(['type' => 'free'])->where(['status' => 1]);