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Digital wireless bridge for Siemens wind turbines
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A fully transparent, bidirectional Analog-Digital Bluetooth Bridge for Siemens/BONUS wind turbines

Developed for all AN-BONUS (Siemens) 1.3MW and 2MW WTC2 wind turbines, easily adaptable to others

SmartHub preview


  • stable and (in the case of our old turbines) more reliable Bluetooth connection;
  • translate all signals to digital, transmit and then recreate them on the other side;
  • watch every single signal and log all errors on a SD card;
  • even more precise than the original transmission;
  • a very extensible software, allowing to watch for much more complicated conditions;
  • enormously reducing the costs of repairing a slippery ring;
  • enormously reduction in time when searching for a problem's cause;
  • the error log can be read directly from the SD, or through an Android app.


  • Use this at your own risk.
  • I live and work in Germany. According to the german law I received permission from my employer to do whatever I please with my creation;
  • My work is released under MIT license.


This work uses the following:

  • The C++ firmware is build with Arduino. Licensed under: LGPL;
  • Also using some Arduino libraries (see the code), RTClib and mcp4728;
  • Without the countless contributions of the friendly folk at stackoverflow and edaboard nothing of this would be possible.

Vladimir Zhelezarov © 2018

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