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Android Navigation App which uses Google Maps and a simple JSON/CSV database of locations
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Android Navigation App which uses Google Maps with a simple JSON/CSV database of locations

  • The locations are in a CSV file, stored in the internal app directory. You can provide Your own file/s, and make the minor modification to the code, or use it as it is, providing some server to fetch the data (JSON) from.
  • Clicking on the "Update" icon fetches the JSON/s from the server.
  • Then the JSONs gets converted to local format (CSV).
  • You can search for any word in the rows of data.
  • Click on the arrow in the single view modus to open Google Map's real time navigation

I made this originally as a helper tool for me at work (service technician), to find not-yet-known-to-me wind turbines easily.

To build with Android Studio:

  • create Your app/build.gradle
  • insert Your google_maps_key in res/strings
  • insert in MainActivity L.184-185 the server IP adress and route to the file/s

This project makes use of OpenCSV (

See it in action: YouTube Video

alt textalt textalt text

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