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payload dumper

Script tested on Yandex Amber OTA's (full and incremental) under Linux(but may works on Windows too)

System requirement

  • Python3, pip
  • google protobuf for python pip install protobuf


Alternatively you can use Docker:

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}":/data -it vm03/payload_dumper /data/payload.bin --out /data

or self build Docker image

# build the container image
$ docker build -t payload_dumper .

# mount current PWD and pass payload.bin
$ docker run --rm -v "${PWD}":/data -it payload_dumper /data/payload.bin --out /data



  • Make you sure you have Python 3.6 or later installed.
  • Download, and requirements.txt
  • Extract your OTA zip and place payload.bin in the same folder as these files.
  • Open PowerShell, Command Prompt, or Terminal depending on your OS.
  • Enter the following command: python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Full OTA

  • When that’s finished, enter this command: python payload.bin
  • This will start to extract the images within the payload.bin file to the output folder you are in.

Incremental OTA

  • Copy original images (from full OTA or dumped from devices) to old folder (with part name + .img, ex: boot.img, system.img)
  • run python --diff payload.bin
  • file extracted to the output folder you are in.