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A GTK / Fortran binding
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Branch: gtk3
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This branch is for GTK 3.

The gtk-fortran project aims to offer scientists programming in Fortran a cross-platform library to build Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Gtk-fortran is a partial GTK / Fortran binding 100% written in Fortran, thanks to the ISO_C_BINDING module for interoperability between C and Fortran, which is a part of the Fortran 2003 standard.

To install gtk-fortran, you can follow the instructions in the INSTALL file or the more detailed instructions of the project wiki:

Please post bugs on GitHub:

Files in this directory

  • the present file.
  • list of the releases with main changes.
  • CMakeLists.txt: main CMake instructions to build the project.
  • codemeta.json: metadata about the project.
  • INSTALL: installation instructions.
  • LICENSE: text of the GNU GPL v3 license.
  • main Meson instructions to build the project (experimental feature).
  • README-high-level: about the High Level part of the gtk-fortran library.
  • VERSIONS: a CSV file with the gtk-fortran, GTK, GLib and Ubuntu versions.

Citing gtk-fortran

Vincent MAGNIN, James TAPPIN, Jens HUNGER, Jerry DE LISLE, "gtk-fortran: a GTK+ binding to build Graphical User Interfaces in Fortran", Journal of Open Source Software, 4(34), 1109, 12th January 2019,

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