FRC Team 3309's code for the 2014 competition, Aerial Assist
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This is FRC Team 3309's code for the 2014 FRC game, Aerial Assist.

The master branch should be used for stable code that is suitable for use during the competition. To develop new features, make a new branch and submit a pull request when it is suitable for merging into master.


Download Netbeans and install the FRC plugins.

Now clone this repository.

To just compile (and not download)
ant suite

To compile and download to the robot
ant deploy

To download constants file and auto modes
ant deploy-files


Constants are stored in res/Constants.txt, this file will be copied to the cRIO via FTP with the ant target deploy-files.

Constants should be in this format:

#Comments start with a # symbol
//Comments can also start with double-slashes

Supported values are integers, doubles, booleans and double/integer arrays.


#arrays are separated by comments,0,0
#this is for the value to set the solenoid to to engage mecanum

To use a Constant in code, instantiate a Constant object

Constant configMecanumOn = new Constant("drive.mecanum.on", false);

The first argument is the name of the Constant (will be used to look up in the file) and the second argument is a default value in case a constant with that name wasn't found.

Note: we did not actually use the autonomous scripting methods described below.
Autonomous Scripts

Autonomous scripts can be written with our simple auto scripting language described below. Scripts should be stored in the res/ directory because it can be FTP'ed to the cRIO by using the ant target ant deploy-files

The script directory should be stored in res/auto_scripts.txt with the following format:

<Chooser Number> <file name> <name>
1 mobility_bonus.txt Mobility Bonus

Available commands are:

extend intake OR intake extend
retract intake OR intake retract
run intake OR intake run

extend pocket OR pocket extend
retract pocket OR pocket retract

drive throttle,turn

wait <time in seconds>
wait for kinect #this waits until the driver raises his hands above his head
wait for kinect <timeout in seconds>
#this waits until the driver raises his hands above his head or the timeout is reached
#in all of the wait commands, "wait" can be replaced with "delay" and functionality is same


print <message>

There is also a special command timeout which is used to run a set of commands for a certain amount of time. For example: to drive forward for 2.25 seconds, we would use:

#this will drive forward at 70% for 2.25 seconds
timeout 2.25 {
  drive 0,.7

Comments can either be on their own line prefixed by // OR # or can be at the end of a line when prefixed by // OR #. There are currently no block comments implemented.