Oracle system stats with output for collectd and cacti
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Oracle system stats with output for collectd and cacti

With pyorastats you can easy create a dashboard with graphite and grafana

usage: [-h] [-f {cacti,collectd}] {ASM,TBS,PHYSIO,ACTV,CURS,WAITS,ALL} ...

stats arguments:

  • ASM Get stats from ASM disks
  • TBS Get stats from tablespaces
  • PHYSIO Get physical IO stats
  • ACTV Get database activity stats
  • CURS Get database cursors stats
  • WAITS Get database waits stats
  • ALL Get all database stats

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-f {cacti,collectd}, --format {cacti,collectd} Output format, default collectd

Now if you want send this metrics to graphite need to complete your collectd config with this new 2 sections:

LoadPlugin exec
<Plugin exec>
      Exec collectd "python" "/path/to/" "ALL" "-u" "system" "-p" "passwd" "-s" "SID"

LoadPlugin write_graphite
<Plugin write_graphite>
  <Node "graphitehost">
    Host "localhost"
    Port "2003"
    Protocol "tcp"
    LogSendErrors true
    Prefix "collectd."

Screenshot grafana dashboard

Alt text