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Collection map_reduce does not handle ObjectId fields #81

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When running map_reduce on a collection, and using a field that is an ObjectId, the returned results do not preserve the ObjectId values.

This is since the json.dumps converts such values to the following:

doc = json.dumps({'rel_id':ObjectId('52530aae4e950d1fe0669036')}, default=js
'{"rel_id": {"$oid": "52530aae4e950d1fe0669036"}}'

Then, in the 'emit' function in doMap, the above dictionary value is used as a key, and javascript implicitly converts it into a '[object Object'] string.

I've implemented the following patch, but maybe a better fix can be made...

  1. Replacing 'emit' with the following implementation:
    function emit(key, val) {
    if (key['$oid']) {
    mapped_key = '$oid' + key['$oid'];
    else {
    mapped_key = key;
    if(!mappedDict[mapped_key]) {
    mappedDict[mapped_key] = [];

  2. After receiving reduced_rows, do the conversion back to ObjectId:
    reduced_rows ='doReduce', reduce_func, mapped_rows)[:limit]
    for reduced_row in reduced_rows:
    if reduced_row['_id'].startswith('$oid'):
    reduced_row['_id'] = ObjectId(reduced_row['_id'][4:])



This seems reasonable to me. Can you open a pull request for your patch?

@baruchoxman baruchoxman referenced this issue from a commit in baruchoxman/mongomock
@baruchoxman baruchoxman Fix + test for #81
Making collection map_reduce properly handle ObjectId fields
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