receive webhook from github/gitlab and ask pm2 to reload the application for you
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PM2 module to receive http webhook from github, execute pre/post hook and gracefull reload the application using pm2.


pm2 install pm2-githook


  • port (Defaults to 8888) : The port that will be used by the http server to receive hooks.

  • apps : Contains definition of applications in JSON :

        "APP_NAME" : {
          "secret" : "supersecret",
          "prehook" : "npm install --production && git submodule update --init",
          "posthook" : "echo done",
          "service": "github"
    • APP_NAME is the name of the api in pm2 and in the url defined on github or gitlab (eg: :
    • secret is the secret you put in github/gitlab to verify that the transaction is made by github/gitlab.
    • prehook is the shell command executed in the cwd (care of this) of the app after the pull and before the gracefullReload.
    • posthook is the shell command executed in the cwd (care of this) of the app after making the gracefullReload.
    • service is the service used to make the http call (github is the default)
      • github : you'll need to set the same secret as defined in github (can specify branch)
      • gitlab : you'll need to set the secret as the token defined in gitlab
      • jenkins : you'll need to set the secret as the ip of the jenkins (can specify branch)
      • bitbucket : secret not needed, bitbucket ip range is inside the code (can specify branch)
      • droneci : you'll need to set the secret to match the Authorization header defined inside the plugin (can specify branch)
    • nopm2 if set to true, we will not reload the application using pm2 (default to false)
    • cwd if provided we don't resolve the cwd using pm2 and will take this value (defaults to undefined)

(can specify branch) mean that you can use a addional configuration to run the posthook on a specific branch

How to set these values ?

After having installed the module you have to type : pm2 set pm2-githook:key value

To set the apps option and since its a json string, i advice you to escape it to be sure that the string is correctly set (using this kind of tool).


  • pm2 set pm2-githook:port 8080 (bind the http server port to 8080)
  • pm2 set pm2-githook:apps "{\"APP_NAME\":{\"secret\":\"supersecret\",\"prehook\":\"npm install --production && git submodule update --init\",\"posthook\":\"echo done\"}}"


`pm2 uninstall pm2-githook