Magento Catalog Price Rules Over Special Price
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Magento CPROSP

CPROSP stands for Catalog Price Rules Over Special Price.

This module changes the default Catalog Price Rule behaviour when it interacts with a product having a special price.

Compatible with Magento up to 1.8

The problem:

Catalog Price Rules are not applied if the product's special price is less than the discounted price calculated by the rules.


Sadly we have to change the Magento core code, that's why I wrote this module.


Having a product with a special price assigned on it, the discount will be calculated on the special price and not on the regular base price.

For example

A product having:

  • regular price € 25.00
  • special price € 23.00
  • catalog price rule sets 80% discount on all catalog products

The final price will be € 4.60 and not € 5.00 because the 80% will be deduct from the special price and not from the regular price.


I just wrote a module based on the solution available on StackOverflow.

Thx StackOverflow!


Download the zip package and unzip it in your magento root installation directory.


You can install it through composer adding the following rules to your composer.json file:

        {"type": "vcs", "url":""}