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How to Contribute

The initial version of this document was researched and written by VM Brasseur. It is released with the hope not only that it'll be of use to others, but also that people will be able to collaborate to improve it for all future users.

This project welcomes all contributions, be that a pull request or an issue report. We value any time you put toward the project.

If you contribute in any way, please add yourself to the contributors file. And if you don't do it, we'll do it for you. ;-) (which is to say: please let us know if you'd like not to be included in this list)

Opening Issues

If you find a problem with the documentation, or you have an idea on how to make it better in some way, please open a Github issue.

While it's certainly not required, it's helpful if your issue includes:

  • A link to page where the change is desired
  • The quoted portion of the page which needs altering
  • A description of how it needs to be updated

Also, it would help if you checked the list of existing issues. It could be someone has already reported the thing you're seeing. If you don't have time to check, don't worry! We'd still like to hear what you have to say, even if you end up opening a duplicate issue. :-)

If you came to the page with an expectation ("I thought this would answer question X") which wasn't fulfilled, please let us know in the issue. We'd like this documentation to answer as many questions and meet or exceed all expectations.

Sending a Pull Request

We love pull requests! YAY! Work we didn't have to do!

While it's certainly not required, we'd love it if you took the following in mind when submitting your pull request:

  • All files are in English (for now; translations VERY welcome!).
  • All files are written in Markdown (naturally exceptions made for sample code).
  • All links use the inline Markdown link format.
  • The only line breaks in the files are between paragraphs, bullet points, or code examples. Please do not add line breaks within a paragraph (i.e. be sure your editor doesn't add them if it wraps the text).
  • All files are currently encoded with the US-ASCII character set. Some day we probably should move this to UTF-8, but until that point ASCII's the way we'll go.
  • Tabs are converted to space characters.
  • How many spaces? 4. Four-space tabs.

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