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Summary of API Functionality and FAQs

This API allows people and institutions to create items in Internet Archive, to upload files to those items, and to maintain the metadata for the items.

Internet Archive–best known as the home of the Wayback Machine–is also home to over 10 petabytes of data. The Wayback Machine is only a fraction of that. Some of the other many collections available at the Archive include:

Internet Archive welcomes all digital contributions and will store, serve, and preserve them in perpetuity.


What can I upload to Internet Archive using this API?

Internet Archive is accepts all data. However, if the data is under current copyright the Archive reserves the right to remove it.

What file types can I upload to Internet Archive?

Internet Archive accepts all digital files. Certain files will receive an online viewer (video, audio, text) if the item which contains them has the appropriate metadata values. Files which are not of the correct type to receive an online viewer will still be saved and available for download on the Archive. Please see the mediatype metadata field for more information.

How much data can I upload to Internet Archive?

How much do you have? There is no real limit. However, if you have a very large amount of data you wish to upload, please contact the Archive and coordinate with them to be sure everything goes smoothly.

What sort of metadata format does Internet Archive support?

Internet Archive is metadata agnostic. You may use whatever metadata format best suits you and your organization. See the metadata document for more information.

Will my files be publicly available?

Yes. The Archive's mission is "universal access to all knowledge." Any file you upload to the Archive will be available to everyone who can access Internet Archive.

Can I organize the items I create on Internet Archive?

Items can be organized within collections. A collection is a specialized item used for curation and aggregation of other items. Currently collections can only be created by Internet Archive staff members. Please contact Internet Archive if you need a collection created.


Like the API? Like Internet Archive? Please consider supporting them with a donation!